How to improve the sharpness and wear resistance of diamond segments?

- May 30, 2018 -

How to improve the sharpness and wear resistance of diamond segments?

It is well-known that the sharpness and wear resistance of diamond segments  are opposite to each other, which means that there is a relationship between fish and bear's paw. However, through continuous matching tests and continuous market research feedback, Henan Huijin teamed up with colleges and universities to jointly develop and produce pre-alloyed powders. Just like the idea of plunge into Tai Chi, they combined the two ingeniously.

     In addition to the orderly distribution of the diamond particle size, the powder that surrounds the diamond carcass plays a crucial role. The alloy powder series, pre-alloyed powder series and single powder series produced by Huijin have even particle size distribution, low oxygen content and small fluctuation range, and the resulting tool has a good self-sharpening property, which fully satisfies the sharpness and resistance of the diamond tool bit. Grinding.

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